While Western people sit back relaxed and enjoying a nice laugh at what they have come to call "Whale Fucking" the good people of the Polynesian Islands continue to pay the biggest price. Young men of the locale - bored with their commonplace lives - try and usually fail - often paying with their lives - to mount and copulate with a magestic sea whale.

It is sad and outrageous that the same people asking "why?" are the same people that caused the problem in the first place. Western people look at the situation, asking stupid questions like "Does the whale agree to this?" They have a racist laugh at the silly Polynesian people. But it is THEY who do not understand and THEY that have caused this.

Young Polynesian men, exposed to the excitement of the Western world - a place where each thrill chased down is greater and more "Ultimate" then the last - look around at nothing like that. Instead they see beaches, filled with sand, and nothing to do. Bored to tears and lustful after Western Style excitment they take to the sea in desperation.

Many of these boys die, and their families are left picking up the shattered pieces. No one cares about them. The debate rages - but nothing is done. And fat Western people laugh. Enough is enough.

Our mission is to raise awareness of this important problem. We siezed this domain - with the terrible name - in the hopes to prevent others from using it to promote the so-called sport that is killing people. We tell people to say "Whale Copulation" instead - and to treat it like a disease.

We are also nearly alone in providing emotional support to families of the victims. If the whale copulation epidemic has claimed your son's life, find hope at